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The Rounds: Style Uniforms, the NFL and How Dressing Up Boosts Productivity

Kiriko Made Lance Chung Portland

FASHION: While I was in Portland, I discovered this amazing shop called Kiriko Made. If you’re into repurposed, vintage Japanese clothing, this is your jam.

STYLE: It’s a story that’s been written before, and yet it never seems to get old. A gentle discussion on the style uniform, and why we go back to the things that work well for us. (via Mr. Porter)

football will smith concussion lance chung

SPORTS: Will Smith is in a new movie about brain injuries in the NFL. It looks pretty good. Read the story that inspired Concussion. (via GQ)

SCIENCE: Some of you may not know that I used to be a science major back in my first two years of university. That is until organic chemistry obliterated my sanity. Nevertheless, I’m a nerd at heart and still love to consume science content. Check out this fascinating podcast from Josh and Chuck, of Stuff You Should Know (a favourite of mine), on how the body completely replaces itself every few years. (via Stuff You Should Know)

BUSINESS: In today’s day and age, isn’t everyone a salesperson, in some shape or form? Check out 10 things every salesperson should know about marketing. (via Inc.)


BUSINESS: “Why are you so dressed up?” Researchers have found that wearing more formal clothing can help boost productivity. (via Canadian Business)

FASHION: John Gallagher is a fit model that is hired by 70 different labels (of which, include the likes of Ralph Lauren and Thom Browne), has a licensing deal on mannequins based off of his body and makes about $300 an hour. He’s also 54. (via T Magazine)

BUSINESS: Emily Weiss, of Into the Gloss, talks about growing her blog into a community-driven digital brand. (via Business of Fashion)

Sad Animal Facts Lance Chung

SCIENCE: And because we all love animals, artist Brooke Barker showcases some unusual facts about the animal kingdom with her site, Sad Animal Facts. (via I Fucking Love Science)

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The Rounds: Hublot Invents A New Metal, Paul Smith Collaborates with Land Rover and Instagram’s Most Stylish Dogs

mr porter remix the dog copy

– My Instagram feed is full of three things: food, fashion and dogs. Pretty sure this profile of Instagram’s most stylish dogs was made for me. (via Mr. Porter)

Mad Men co-producer and advertising vet, Josh Weltman, shares advice on how to seduce strangers – and sell stuff. (via Fast Company)

– Ever wondered what happens in a gay conversion camp? VICE takes a look inside with their three-part video series. (via VICE)

– Turns out, the origin of Nike’s iconic ‘Just Do It’ slogan is actually kind of dark. (via Four Pins)

Joe Mimran Mr lance Chung

– Joe Mimran is out at Joe Fresh. As he steps in as a new judge for the Dragon’s Den, will he be able to create another successful fashion export down the road? (via Business of Fashion)

– Between 2012 and 2014, the number of men’s beauty products in the global marketplace increased by a whopping 70%. Needless to say, men are starting to see the same marketing tactics that women have been experiencing since the dawn of marketing itself. That is, via insecurity. Here’s an interesting look into the various standards of beauty for men around the world. (via Buzzfeed)

– FYI: Powdered alcohol is now legal in the States. File this under #shitshowwaitingtohappen. (via I Fucking Love Science)

Paul Smith Land Rover Defender

– I love anything that Paul Smith puts his hands on, including this bespoke Land Rover Defender.  (via The Telegraph)

Branding isn’t only about your logo. It extends past that and should include these five things to influence your customers. (via Inc.)

– If you’ve never heard of Texalium, that’s because it doesn’t exist. That is, until Hublot decided to invent a new metal for their new watch, the “Big Bang Unico”. (via Esquire)


– Architect Massimiliano Locatelli converted this 16th-century church into a super casual office, complete with original frescos, an alter and a crypt. I think it’s time for an upgrade. (via WSJ)

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The Rounds: Giorgio Moroder Makes A Comeback, Productivity Tips and Gucci’s New Creative Director, Alessandro Michele

Gucci Alessandro Michele Frida Giannini Lance Chung

– Frida Giannini’s replacement has officially been announced. Meet Gucci’s new Creative Director, Alessandro Michele. (via Vogue

– Speaking of creative directors, are today’s designers overtaxed with their responsibilities? Here’s why an Image Director may be necessary. (via Business of Fashion)

– Meet Thync, the wearable device that may soon allow you to adjust your mood on command. Scary or amazing? (via Quartz)

– Watch The Weeknd‘s haunting contribution to the new 50 Shades of Grey soundtrack. (via Elle)

–  We’ve all been there before. Next time you strap down to get some work done, consider these 11 fantastic productivity tips. (via Inc.)

– This guy bought a watch at Goodwill for $6 and resold it for $35k. Turns out it was Jaeger-LeCoultre’s rare Deep Sea Alarm. (via Complex)

– NASA and ESA released the world’s largest and highest-res image (1.5 billion pixels) of the Andromeda galaxy. Each little dot you see presents a whopping 1 trillion stars. How’s that for perspective? (via I fucking love science)

74 really is the new 24! Giorgio Moroder makes his triumphant return with what sounds like a very exciting comeback album, featuring Britney Spears, Sia, Charli XCX, Mikky Ekko and more. Check out his first single with Kylie Minogue below! (via Billboard)



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The Rounds: NYC Men’s Fashion Week, Brad Kroenig and “Tumblr Currency”

Men's fashion week

– It’s about time! A win for the boys as New York finally gets its own Men’s Fashion Week. (via Details)

– To me, networking is the most important skill anyone can have in today’s day and age. Here, a few tips on how to break the ice and click with anyone you meet. (via Inc)

Should men ‘shoulder-robe’? British GQ editor, Bill Prince, offers his opinion on the current look adored by many a male street style star. (via The Telegraph)

– Is Michael Kors becoming the new Coach? What happens when trendy fashion brands become all too ubiquitous. (via Forbes)

Justin bieber calvin klein lara stone

– Are we seeing a shift in priorities from major fashion brands? A look into the fashion campaign entering the digital era and the rise of “Tumblr currency”. (via The Business of Fashion)

– What if Nike sold oranges and Apple sold iMilk? (via Fast Company)

– A brief history of spy style. Because, really, who did it better than Bond? (via Mr. Porter)

– A look into Brad Kroenig’s jet set life with Karl Lagerfeld. For some reason, I felt a little bad for this guy after reading this, despite all the luxuries he’s been afforded. (via The New York Times)

Brad kroenig karl lagerfeld

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The Rounds: 3D Food Printers, Cars of the Future and Everything Else from CES 2015

CES F 015 Luxury in Motion Mercedes

– This year was full of self-driving cars, which is nothing new… Until you see the Mercedes F 015 Luxury in Motion concept. (via Engadget)

– They say that sitting is the new smoking. With Humanscale’s new smart desk, OfficeIQ, you no longer have an excuse. (via Forbes

– Bang & Olufsen gives us a reason to believe in the single-purpose music device with their beautiful BeoSound Moment tablet. (via The Verge)

– Meet the Canadian company, uCiC, that was named the best mobile app at CES 2015. (via Techvibes)

CES 2015 withings-activite-pop

Withings’ Activité Pop is the smart watch you’ve been waiting for. And it’s available today, too. (via Business Insider)

– What would CES be without a few shiny new TVs? Here, new debuts from Samsung, LG and co. (via CNET)

LG’s latest phone, the G Flex 2, answers the question everyone’s been asking, “Why curved?” Answer: “It’s more beautiful” (via Engadget)

– Dell showcases what may be the most beautiful tablet on the market today, the Venue 8 7000 Series. (via VentureBeat)

– Now, something to give you a heads up before you get pizza face. Take a look at the Oku Skin Sensor. (via TechCrunch)

Ces 2015 chefjet

– SOMEONE BUY ME THIS IMMEDIATELY. 3D printing meets food with the ChefJet. (via CNET)

– It’s been a rough year for Sony. Could their new Walkman be what it takes to turn things around? At $1200, that remains to be seen. (via The Verge)

Logbar showcases the Ring, a device that will let you go all Minority Report on your life. (via Tech Times)

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The Rounds: Great Branding, Bookshelf Porn and One Gorgeous Fitness Watch

withings activite

– Introduce yourself to Withings’ Activité, a fitness watch you’ll actually want to wear. (via TechCrunch)

– Just in time for the new year! 12 exercises that require no equipment. (via Details)

– A great visual on what makes great (and awful) branding, and why it matters. (via Fast Company)

frank bohbot library

– Bookshelf porn!!! Take a look at some of the most beautiful libraries in the world. (via My Modern Met)

– The classic white button-down gets reinvented by Japanese design firm, Nendo. (via Fast Company)

“The robot itself was not actually programmed to ‘do’ anything – but it did.” So basically, we’re screwed. (via BBC News)

– Behold, the Wave Cabinet by Sebastian Errazuriz. A casual addition to any home. (via designboom)

Wave Cabinet Sebastian

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The Rounds: Paris Apartments, BoF’s Ultimate Power Ranking and Angels in the Buff

doutzen kroes russell james victoria's secret naked

– Victoria’s Secret photographer, Russell James, captures all the angels in the buff. Brace yourself, boys. (via The Daily Beast)

– Interesting thoughts on what defines masculinity from transgender writer, Thomas McBee. (via Esquire)

– Business of Fashion unveils their annual power ranking of the 500 most influential people in fashion. Bucket list! (via Business of Fashion)

– Burberry CEO and Creative Director, Christopher Bailey, talks technology, business and what makes great design. (via Wired)

T Magazine illustrates Hermès’ Dressage ‘LHeure Masquée, the watch without an hour hand. (via T Magazine)

– Apartment porn! I need me some chevron floors. The Telegraph takes you on a tour of Paris’ best apartments. (via Telegraph Luxury)

– Cirque du Soleil dances with drones in this cute short film.

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The Rounds: David Gandy, Banff and the 12-Year-Old CEO

david gandy marks and spencer underwear autograph

– Oh, hi. Male supermodel, David Gandy, shows off his new underwear line with Marks and Spencer. (via Details)

– Toronto’s Queen West christened one of the world’s coolest neighbourhoods. (via Vogue)

– This 12-year-old CEO runs a $150K business. What have you done lately? (via Inc.)

– One more reason why I need a dog – to use it as a prop for my ongoing restlessness. Watch this dog owner create fun illustrations around his bull terrier. (via Bored Panda)

– Finally, a solution to those clunky bicycle helmets! Brooks England and Carrera team up to create a folding helmet. (via Selectism)

– Inflated egos, massive debt and what the heck is a Mockney? Welcome to the trials and tribulations of male modelling. (via Bullett Media)

– Shout out to my hometown, Banff! Mr. Porter goes on the road in their guide to discovering Canada. (via Mr. Porter)

The Rounds

The Rounds: Anna Wintour, the Perfect Watch and the Most Stylish Designers of All Time

Yohji Yamamoto GQ most stylish designer

– Lagerfeld and Ford and Yamamoto, oh my! The Most Stylish Fashion Designers of All Time (via GQ)

– A short guide to party etiquette. In other words, no spontaneous karaoke. (via Mr. Porter)

– Looking to upgrade your wrist game? Here’s how to pick the perfect watch. (via Details)

– Industrial designer Marc Newson designs a tripod for Annie Leibovitz‘s Taschen Book. Presentation, people! (via Selectism)

The Most Powerful Families in Fashion. Anyone looking to adopt? (via Harper’s Bazaar)

Watch Anna Wintour Answer 73 Random Ass Questions. That’s all. (via Four Pins)

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The Rounds: When to Drink Coffee, Maxim and Why Content Will Always Be King

Maxim Angela Lindvall Kate Lanphear – GQ UK’s Dylan Jones explains why content is always king (via Marketing Magazine) – Kate Lanphear heads to Maxim as new Editor-in-Chief. Hellloo, rebrand! (via The Cut) – What do you mean I can’t drink it all day, err day?  The Best Time of Day to Drink Coffee (via Fast Company) – Go green! Meet the Next Generation of Waste-Free Food Packaging (via I Fucking Love Science) – Take note: 5 Surprising Habits of the World’s Wealthiest People (via Inc.) – IKEA gives Apple a run for its money and introduces the bookbook. I’ve always loved their marketing.