The Perfect Shave: the Philips OneBlade


Brand loyalty is a powerful motivator that can often dictate what we decide to spend our money on, regardless of another product’s merits. Are you a Pepsi or Coca-Cola guy? Apple or Android? In many circumstances, we align ourselves to the attributes of a certain brand over another for a variety of reasons, from design and aesthetic to the values that a company associates itself with. The line in the sand is drawn and it can take a lot for us to cross over to the “dark side”.

Grooming is not one of those areas for me. In many respects, I am not a terribly brand loyal person. I suppose that given the nature of my job as a magazine editor, I’m often required to review and test out many different products in order to determine what is unique, effective and right for my reader (and myself). But specifically in the realm of grooming and self-maintenance, I have yet to find the holy grail of items that have consistently delivered for me, from razor blades to moisturizers to even the right barber! (Lord give that individual strength once I find him or her because I am never letting that person go.)


Shaving, for me, is a necessary nuisance that I have to tend to every three or four days (which I realize is not a lot compared to some other fellows who have to do it every. single. day!) Recently, I was introduced to the Philips OneBlade. I’ll admit that it is definitely one of my favourite grooming tools that I’ve been able to take out for a test run. Often, I’m usually in a big rush or on the way to some sort of meeting, event or other commitment. On some days, my job has me out the door by eight in the morning and not back until midnight, occasionally with an hour after work to eat something and get changed for the evening. As such, my schedule leaves me with a limited amount of time to do certain things. What I like about the Philips OneBlade is that it’s a hassle-free solution that will get you from Point A to B quickly and effectively. It comes with three different combs or guards to help you get that perfect five o’clock shadow look, and uses a razor that moves at about 200 times per second for a nice and clean cut. The edges of the Philips OneBlade also easily allow you to trim and edge your facial hair for precision, particularly around the neck, sideburns and around any moustache that requires a little touching up. One of my favourite things about the OneBlade is that it’s compact and easy to use while on the go. Because I am sometimes required to travel for work, or if I am visiting my family, packing this into a dopp kit is a simple process that takes up little space. That way, I’m able to get a great shave no matter where I am. Could this finally be a holy grail grooming moment for me? All signs point to yes!


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